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iVMES Team


Special features

iVMES is a wearable sport sensor technology that processes mems-based accelerometer and gyroscope sensor with special data fusion algorithms. It detects-analyzes jump, acceleration and pre-defined movements. 

All iVMES proporties and more on one interface with eight sensors. Very helpful tool for coachs and antrenor to fallow sportsmen performance and improvements.

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Up to 8 Devices Support

Android and iOS

Bluetooth Low Energy

Jump Analysis

External Load Measurement

Multiple Usage Area

Works both on
Open and Closed Area

What's In The Box

(8) iVMES Team Unit, (8) iVMES charger with USB connection,  (1) Multi charger and (8) iVMES belt for practice

Technical Specs

Wireless: Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy (BLE)
Range: 100 meter line-of-sight
Book bag mode: A data storage feature that collects data and syncs instantly when your unit re-connects to your phone or tablet.
Display: No display; all displays are wirelessly visual on iVMES app.
Warranty:  24 months limited warranty (without battery)
Battery Life: 1-3 hours depending on activity. Lithium ion rechargeable battery.
Temperature Range: Operation or charging: -40 C to +60 C
Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope.

Download IVMES Team

iVMES data can be viewed and saved via any Android or IOS based devices.

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